About Me

About Me

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself so that you have a better sense of who this woman is who is randomly sharing the tiniest and most private details of her life with the world!

My name is Kelsey and I married my husband, Michael, in 2013. We have had a blast these last several years! We love working on our home and are always inspired by Chip and Joanna! We can’t wait to share some of these projects with you all. I love to cook in my spare time (I don’t have much) and mostly I enjoy baking! My husband and I try to eat organic and use safe products in our home, which is always a challenge! We love traveling and finding great food to eat, but we also love Disney World and end up there about once a year! In between all of these activities, I work more than full time managing a large handful of employees in healthcare. Although I absolutely love my job and love supporting my team in unique and creative ways, they sure do wear me out!

Shortly after our honeymoon, we adopted Lihue, our adorable and precious Shih Tzu. He is the love of our lives and is the most precious, loving, and supporting boy. Of course, we aren’t biased at all 😉 We cannot wait to add a human child to our family one day, hopefully, in the near future. We are currently struggling to make that dream happen, and we invite you to follow along with our infertility journey, no matter how long it may last.

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