7 Positives of Infertility + Cycle Update

7 Positives of Infertility + Cycle Update

Okay, so this week has been a bit rough. I stressed all week over my first fertility appointment on Friday. I was sooo excited to hopefully start something that would help but I was also sooo nervous that it wouldn’t go how I wanted. While I expected them not to find anything wrong since it was just our first appointment, I was worried they would send me away to keep trying on my own. I’m 28, but I look even younger than that and I was worried that would make my doctor not want to take me seriously. If you read my post on the 10 questions I planned on asking, you’ll know how much I wanted to move forward on treatment with as few delays as possible.

I couldn’t wait for my first fertility appointment like a child that can’t wait for Christmas morning.

While I was dealing with all that worry, I was also so excited to get some help. I couldn’t wait for my first fertility appointment like a child that can’t wait for Christmas morning. This mix of emotions was so draining on me. When I added the stress of making sure I got my questions answered and talking through all our options, it was a lot. I went home after my appointment completely exhausted and drained.

7 Positives of InfertilityHowever, it turns out my concerns beforehand weren’t needed! I’m pretty sure I fell head over heals for my OBGYN because of how reassuring he was during our visit! He went through multiple options with us. He explained that we can pursue testing to see what is going on, and then take an action step from there. He mentioned he can put me on Clomid right away to help boost my ovulation. And, he said we can do both at the same time. While he didn’t recommend it, he also said we could do nothing and continue trying. At this point, we are hoping nothing is too serious so he really let me choose which step I wanted to proceed with. This was a no brainer for me! I definitely wanted to do the diagnostic testing while taking Clomid. Since we don’t have any warning signs, I don’t expect much to come up in the initial testing. This way, hopefully Clomid will work while we are completing the testing and if it doesn’t I’ll be that much closer to the next step!

The one thing I really appreciated is that he never brought up the word “infertility”. That is something that I have had a hard time coming to terms with and I even shared about my thoughts on it recently. I was kind of expecting that term to come up since that is what I have read all over the internet. However, he never mentioned it and it was so nice to not be labeled with the term I have come to be very friendly with.

So my next step is Clomid and I’m a bit freaked out by it! I’ve heard the side effects can be rough and I’ve also heard they can be nonexistent. We will see which bucket I fall into in about 3 weeks. I’ll be headed to LA for a week away with my hubby right when they take effect so that will be nice. I’m worried about handling my emotions at work while on Clomid so I’d much rather have my first cycle on it out of town. While they won’t be doing any major monitoring while I’m on Clomid, they will be completing a Day 21 Progesterone test each cycle. After 3 cycles on Clomid, we will move on to a new strategy. But, as my doctor stated, hopefully we can get pregnant before than and I won’t have to worry about that!

On Saturday, when the emotions I had been dealing with the week prior caught up to me, I had a bit of a breakdown. It just keeps getting more and more real and I freaked out about the $250 cost for the sperm analysis. While we are prepared to pay WAY more than that throughout this process, that just seems steep to me and it put me over the edge! The whole weekend was rough after that and I realized I needed to make a change. I had to consider the positives of this process! So I put a lot of thought into it and here is what is keeping me calm and potentially excited about where we are headed:

7 Positives of Infertility

I’m more in tune with my body than I would have ever imagined

I understand my cervix, my ovaries, mucus and so much more. Only those going through infertility can know where they are at in their cycle based on a temperature!

We have our own secret language

TTC, DPIUI, DPO, TWW, IVF, BD, DH, RE, EWCM. Come on, who else would know what these mean?

We NEVER have to buy condoms!

Although, I think having to buy so many pregnancy tests may actually be worse….

Fertility treatment increases the chance of multiples

While I’m all for healthy pregnancies and babies and I know multiples can sometimes be risky, I’d be lying if I told you the idea of twins didn’t excite me 🙂

Increased level of patience

While I don’t think I have mastered patience as a skill yet, I do hope dealing with this makes me a more patient mother one day.

Build a stronger relationship with your husband

This journey has not been easy to say the least. I have no doubt we will come out of it stronger than ever. If we can make it through infertility, then we will be better prepared for other trials in the future.

We have access to an incredible community of women

Seriously! This community is incredible! I doubt a more supportive, strong group of women exist!

What other positives has you found from your infertility journeys? Comment below!
7 Positives of Infertility

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