How to get Pregnant at Disney: A Beginner’s Guide

How to get Pregnant at Disney: A Beginner’s Guide

If only it were possible to take a trip to Disney for a week and immediately get pregnant. Talk about Disney Magic! I’ve been to Disney a ton and this has yet to happen for me so don’t get your hopes up! However, during our latest trip to Disneyland, I was ovulating.

Because of that, my husband and I had all things trying to conceive on our minds and a lot of time waiting in line. Somehow, we ended up talking about how you could use Disney to your advantage to get pregnant. I hope you enjoy this list as much as we enjoyed creating it!

How to get pregnant at Disney
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Strategies for Getting Pregnant at Disney:

  1. You know the old wives’ tale that says you should hold your legs up after baby dancing? You don’t need that when you can ride the Tower of Terror! If you’ve ever been on the ride, it drops so fast that things gravitate up. I’m sure this would help get the swimmers where they need to be!
  2. Who needs pineapple core when you can have Dole Whip? Not only does Dole Whip taste substantially better, it still will have some of the Bromelain in it that helps people conceive!
  3. Ever had a sperm wash? That isn’t needed when you can take a trip down splash mountain!
  4. If you feel like there may be a motility problem, just ride the teacups! A good spin will get anything moving!
  5. Do you have a blockage in a tube? Try riding a jerkier ride like Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain. Hopefully it will loosen up any buildup for you!
  6. Some people say fertility/pregnancy is contagious. If that is true, then all infertile women should spend a week at Disney. It seems that there are more children and larger families than anywhere else in the world! Hopefully some of those fertile myrtles will rub off on you!

Well, even though I was ovulating while at Disney, my dreams didn’t come true. While I hope these incredible science-based tips help you, they did not for me! I also hope they give you a good laugh because there is nothing better on this tough infertility journey than being able to laugh about the situation we are in!

How to get pregnant at Disney: A Beginner's Guide

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