Where have we been? Explaining our blogging gap…

Where have we been? Explaining our blogging gap…

It has been a long long while since I’ve shared anything on this platform, which is quite the blogging gap. I’ll tell you, that decision was a tough one. I didn’t necessarily want to leave you all in the dark and I definitely enjoy sharing with you, but I also had to focus on my family as well. For the past couple of months, I made the decision that it wasn’t healthy to put so much energy into this blog. I also had started out with the hopes that I could make a tiny bit of income from this, and that hasn’t happened yet.

Infertility had already been consuming enough of our lives. It was controlling every decision we made and every future we dreamed about. So when things really started to get tough for us on our infertility journey, we decided this blog was one thing that I could choose to let go to give me more time to not think about our fertility, or lack thereof.

What has been going on in my life?

A few months ago, we got the results of our semen analysis back and the news wasn’t great. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’d like to save that for another day but I do plan on sharing more soon. With that news came a lot of heartache, depression and arguing. We hit a low point in our relationship solely due to our infertility status. Neither one of us handled the results well and we didn’t agree on what our next steps should be. However, looking back on that period now, our reactions were based purely on the shock we were dealing with.

Once we got through the initial shock of knowing what we were dealing with, we were able to make a plan. That plan included getting my husband a job that covers fertility treatment. Luckily, we accomplished this step and are hoping to start further treatment in December/January. Getting our treatment covered meant this huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders. Even though we took a pay cut to make this happen, we now have full flexibility to choose treatment paths based on need and not money. It also means that we now agree on our plan.

So coming out of this huge life change, things are really looking up for us. We have a plan (even though the wait is killing me)! So with our renewed energy and hope along with the fact that my husband is working odd hours now giving me a lot of time home alone, I have decided to bring this blog back to life.

What is going to change?

I’m excited since this really is a good outlet for me to release my emotions and I have also loved getting to know a lot of you! However, I also plan on making some changes. I will no longer follow a strict Wednesday/Saturday schedule. I am shooting to post once a week, but I’m not going to schedule my life around it either. So, be prepared that the schedule may be a bit hit or miss! However, that gives you good reason to sign up for my email list so new posts will be sent directly to you! You can sign up for those on the right! I also plan on putting less energy on marketing my blog. Since I was previously trying to make some income, I did certain things just to get my posts out there to the widest audience. Now, I plan on focusing my energy on writing good content and letting those who are looking for it find it! So I’m back!

4 thoughts on “Where have we been? Explaining our blogging gap…”

  • My husband and I were in a similar place last July with his analysis. I know we don’t know each other, but if you’d ever like to talk, please let me know! It’s a tough spot to be and there’s a lot of feelings involved on both sides. Sending you good vibes in the waiting.

    • I am always open to talk! I actually recently tried to join a Resolve support group in my area to connect with those going through similar issues, but it looks like it has disbanded :(. Do you mind me asking what your husband’s issues were? We are trying all kinds of things to increase his morphology, specifically!

  • Kelsey,
    I’ve been thinking of you while you were away. I’m sorry this news hit you amd your husband so hard. I’m so glad to hear you two are beginning to process it better. Congratulations on his new job! I am loving this new direction you’re taking with your blog for the sake of your health. Rooting for you guys!

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