Why I am Celebrating Today: Mother’s Day + Infertility

Why I am Celebrating Today: Mother’s Day + Infertility

Leading up to this day, I was actually planning on boycotting the entire day! I wasn’t sure exactly how to do that, but here was my plan:

  • I was refusing to wish any mothers in my life (that I truly do love so much) a Happy Mother’s Day
  • I was going to stay entirely off of social media
  • I was going to lay on my couch all day and refuse to go anywhere
  • I was going to skip church

When I woke up this morning, I proceeded to stick to this plan. I even made my husband wish my mother and mother-in-law a Happy Mother’s Day from my phone! They have no idea it wasn’t actually from me (so sorry if you are reading this)! I knew they deserved well wishes and I didn’t want my struggles to take away from their celebration. However, I just didn’t have it in me to do it myself.

I caved when it came to staying off of social media. I got hooked when I started reading all of the wonderful and supportive posts from my TTC and infertility connections and I realized I wasn’t alone and I do have some things to celebrate! So, here is what I am celebrating today:

  • The incredible TTC & infertility community I have found online. They have turned this day around for me.
  • My wonderful husband and puppy that make a wonderful family.
  • The fact that I am 12 months closer to conceiving a child than I was a year ago.
  • The fact that I will appreciate my little bean that much more when it does become a reality for me.
  • That I am already a mom in my heart!

I truly do believe my last point. Being a mother is something I have always wanted and something that I feel that I am wether I have a child yet or not. I believe that all those women trying so incredibly hard to conceive a child are already mothers in their hearts. They are already working so hard and putting aside their own peace and comfort for their children before they even know them. That is motherhood no matter what. So today, I encourage all of you to celebrate this day no matter where you are in your journey! You deserve it just as much, if not more, than those who don’t have to take pills, shots or deal with egg retrievals for their children!

Hopefully I was able to help you all as much as you all have helped me today! So now I am signing off to go enjoy a nice lunch on a beautiful day and have a wonderful beer in our local beer garden!

Mother's Day + Infertility

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