Free Chili Cook Off Editable Invitation

Free Chili Cook Off Editable Invitation

I’m so excited to share this free printable with all of my readers! As we get closer to my second favorite season, Fall, my husband and I are hard at work planning our fifth annual chili cook off! We go all out every year and invite about 50 people. And, it is sooo easy! I always track how many chilis we will have just in case I need to help so we have enough food, but the most I have ever cooked for it is a pan of cornbread! If you’re looking for a fun, but simple party theme, this is it! This year, I’m sharing an editable invitation with you all so you can have your own chili cook off! Just provide your email, below, and you’ll receive it immediately! You can update the fields to make it usable for your chili cook off every year from here on out!

Plus, it comes with a second free download for a Facebook Event Cover Image!

We find Facebook so easy to invite a lot of people, so we always put our event on there as well!

We hope you enjoy and have as great a time at your event as we do! Be sure to share the pictures of your event with us!

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Free Chili Cook Off Invitation

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