Foodie’s Guide to Los Angeles

Foodie’s Guide to Los Angeles

While we love to travel, we typically end up in Orlando. It’s a quick flight for us, lots of entertainment/activities, and we can go to Disney (my husband is OBSESSED)! Even though we are grown adults with no kids for now, we absolutely love the magic of Disney. It’s just such a fun, carefree place where you can enjoy yourself, no matter your interests! Well this time around when planning our vacation we wanted to do something different. We ended up deciding on Los Angeles! It would be a fun new place to tour and we could still go to Disney! What could be better?

We like to consider ourselves expert foodies and basically travel to eat! This trip was no different. Despite my unfortunate side effects from my fertility medicine, I was still able to enjoy myself and enjoy a ton of great food! I’m gonna share some of that awesome food with you so you’ll be prepared if you go!

Foodie’s Guide to Los Angeles

Keep reading to see some of the fun and interesting food items we had in LA and write them down if you live there or are traveling there yourselves! I’m sharing in no particular order!

These MASSIVE açaí bowls were incredible! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of healthy food. Come on, I’m not really sure who is. I’d rather have a churro any day (don’t worry, those are coming!). However, this açaí Banzai Bowl was so refreshing and good. I see how they are so popular during a day at the beach!

Okay, here’s something that’s not healthy. My husband has always talked about how incredible Voodoo Doughnuts are. He made it seem like these were a must-do in Los Angeles so we had to check it out. While these were solid doughnuts, they also didn’t blow me away. It was a fun shop but I probably wouldn’t get the voodoo doll doughnut next time. As a first timer, I had to try their traditional donut, but some of the other doughnuts they had looked a lot better!

We had another Acai bowl for breakfast at SHOR of the Hyatt at Newport Beach. While the Banzai bowl was a little better, this was offered in a classier way. It’s a great option if you want to have a sit down breakfast with the whole family. We also had Ice Cubes Rolled Ice Cream. While the novelty of the rolled ice cream was definitely fun, it didn’t change the overall taste. However, this was still an awesome ice cream shop! Their flavor pairings were really creative and they had a ton of options!

We went to Huntington Beach and found this large shopping area called Pacific City that was a lot of fun. That’s also where we ate at Ola Mexican Kitchen. This restaurant had a wonderful view of the beach and I had a Pizzadilla. This thing was incredible but I recommend you share! This was a full quesadilla with mexican flavored toppings on it to make it more like a pizza. OMG is all I can say! On the right is the Smoked Bacon Macaroni & Cheese in an edible pretzel cone that is available at Disneyland! While this isn’t for everyone, you’ll love it if you like mac & cheese!

Snow Monster was probably our greatest find! We opted for the coconut milk based thai tea with tapioca boba in it. We then upgraded to a reusable light bulb drinking glass wrapped in a TON of cotton candy! We had just as much fun photographing this drink as we did drinking it! I initially thought the cotton candy was just for fun, but it added a nice bite of sweetness to an otherwise not sweet drink. It was almost like adding a sprinkle of sugar into a cup of coffee. This is a must do in Los Angeles!

We stumbled across this little food shack on the beach called Tackle Box that had food that was to die for! I highly recommend this if you are okay eating fresh seafood rolls on the beach! We also really wanted to try Pink’s Hot Dogs. We drove by the original location in Hollywood but parking was rough and the line was out the door! Luckily, we stumbled across one at Universal City Walk so we were able to still partake! Nothing better than a cheaply made chili cheese dog!

One of the most fun activities we did was a wine tasting from Pozzuoli. We were close to wine country and felt like we should do some kind of tasting at a winery. We put “winery” in Apple Maps and this popped up so we went! Now, be warned, THIS IS NOT A WINERY! We soon realized we weren’t getting far enough out of LA to be going to an actual winery but we decided to continue. This was really just a store front that did a few wine tastings. We were allowed to try 8 wines, which was a lot! By the end of it, we were having such a great time and also enjoyed the conversation with those also trying the wines. A bonus was that they take the $15 tasting fee and applying it to a bottle if you decide to purchase!

Last but not least, are churros! OMG, these are incredible if you have a sweet tooth like me! Disneyland is known for their unique specialty churros so I knew I had to partake! We had read previously that churros at Downtown Disney are better than those inside the park and we definitely agree with that! I tried a Rose Gold Strawberry churro in the park. You can tell by the picture that the sugar didn’t stick well and was a little clumpy. While it was still good, I could tell it wasn’t fresh. However, the fruity pebbles churro from Downtown Disney were so good! Freshly made and perfectly covered. The fruity pebble flavor was just enough to make it a little fun without be overwhelming!

Now it’s back to the grind and I need to work off all the weight I gained! Not only did I eat a ton, but I was suffering from substantial bloating from my first round of fertility treatment! I’m hoping if this cycle doesn’t work, the effects the next cycle won’t be as bad since I’ll be eating better!

However, I actually am in a wedding in early May and have to be careful not to lose too much weight or my bridesmaid dress won’t fit! That actually is a relief since I have a little more time before needing to hit the gym hard!

Foodie's Guide to Los Angeles

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